"Lily¹s Hamsa Mosaic class was inspirational. Lily is a knowledgable and
gifted teacher with beautiful examples and ideas. Her collection of glass
for the class was extensive. I took the class for "creative therapy". I
was the least talented person but couldn¹t have been happier with the
experience. Lily and the class were warm and welcoming. I would highly
recommend Lily and her classes." -Debbie Waumbaugh

"Lily is an inspiring, knowledgeable teacher and talented artist. She's helpful, supportive, and prepared. Lily covers a lot of good material, so expect to jump in and get going on your personal class project." -Pat Roach

"Lily’s Mosaic class was SO MUCH FUN! She is such an inspiring and patient teacher, and gets you excited about Mosaics. I did not come in with much artistic background, but Lily helped me mobilize my creative energies to feel confident enough to produce a beautiful piece of art!"
Jesse Hutt

"Thanks Lily, you're amazing. And your vision makes love and joy come alive through creative art expression! I had such a blast going to your class..... Highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!"
Tasha Rayburn